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Around Mid April of 2001, I redesigned, and updated this website concerning ROWC. I updated the sections (kinda), added a guestbook, and rearranged the look. Just thought I'd try something new for this site that was at a standstill for I don't know how long?

People may have seen some sites made by "Rez'd Out Web Creations" (ROWC) throughout cyberland. A lot of people may not have even seen anything done under ROWC? Either way, this is the site set up to let everyone know about ROWC in it's entirety.

ROWC is something different from many of the companies and things already making their mark. It is native owned, and operated. Navigate throughout this site to look at things dealing with ROWC and links to all the sites (that I know of) dealing with ROWC.

So far, ROWC is still being built from the ground up, but it does have a roster of things that have already been made for others to view. Search this site for various things concerning ROWC.

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