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This is an actual interview, but it's something I did on myself. I guess you can say, I was talking to myself, in a way? This is a fictional interview, but then again, it isn't? I don't know, it's something I did to expand on this site.

"How did ROWC get started?"

Well, it was started out as something of a joke really, like this stinking 'interview.' I had up some 'mock' guidelines setup for "Windreamer's Board" and for the occupation on one of the premade sets of angelfire, I put up CEO of "Rez'd Out Webreations" for it. I eventually took those guidelines down, due to lack of visits, and also for the lack of direction it was going. I still remembered that part of it though and it eventually led to these works of mine, online.

"When was this?"

I think that was around '98 or '99? Somewhere around there anyways. It was when I was more into chatting than setting anything up, that's all I remember.

"So, it started out as a joke?"

Yeah. Eventually I started to take it very serious. It was when I started to redesign, and restructure existing sites I already set up. I got asked by a couple people to make them a site, or help them out with a site. I agreed to do what I could, and put my stamp on whatever it is I did.

"What would that stamp be?"

Towards the bottom of every page I create, I always used to put up one sentence. That one sentence was: Another page made for "Rez'd Out Webcreations." I don't do that anymore. I just put who it's owned by (or copyrighted to) and underneath that: "Site Design by: ROWC" and the 'rowc' is a link back to this site.

"What do you think of ROWC now?"

Well, it's something that is different from other things I've seen online. What I mean, is that I make sites for various native topics ranging from my family to gangs to hip hop. I also setup sites for those who don't have any webpages out, but would like one. All this at no charge to anyone. All the work I do is completely free of any financial obligations to me, or the person wanting a site. I do good work, but it's not at a level where I feel I should get any money for it. Some people disagree, but I'm okay with just setting up something and watching it take off. The only thing I really ask for is recognition for what I contribute.

"So, you feel you're pretty successful at website design?"

Most definately. I feel my works speak for themselves. Positive feedback on many of the things I've done so far. Some people might want to see a site go in another direction, so I take their ideas into consideration when redesigning, or setting up a site. I always listen to what others have to offer, opinionwise. If it's worth listening to, that is. I mean, they're the ones who choose to look at it, and if they think something might look better elsewhere, or different, I take that into consideration. But all in all, if you actually put a lot of your own time and effort into something, it WILL show in the outcome.

"How long does it take for you to set up something online?"

Well, it varies. Sometimes just a day, or sometimes a lot longer. Most of the time though, it hasn't exceeded a couple days to do a site. It can take longer to restructure, and redesign a site, due to all the info and input to rearrange to fit your new look. I didn't know what I was in for when I first wanted to change looks for some sites. But, after getting the hang of it all, it's not so bad after all. It's still time consuming though.

"Do you only do websites?"

No, because I want to expand on certain things. I do set up message boards and guestbooks for most sites. I also set up forums and message boards for other things. There is also a top sites' list to check out as well. I hope to further my accomplishments by finding more things to create and work on. So, any site I develop has all the necessary tools to keep visitors there for awhile. That's just the set up though. Whoever owns the website has to promote, promote, promote. They keep giving me stuff to update and I'll do it. My part is kinda big, but not as much as the owner who wants to see that site succeed.

"So, you must be very busy with all these things you've done for others and yourself?"

Well, yeah, I guess you can say that. I live on the rez, and a lot of things don't seem to go right around here. There's a lot of drama to deal with for anyone living in these conditions. I'm alright though, because I'm on the 'good' part of the rez. I keep busy with getting online, and doing what I do. I like to keep busy, and it keeps me motivated to keep on working towards a goal I've set for myself.

"What would that goal be?"

I've wanted people to recognize the hard work I've put into these sites and stuff. I know how to set up a site and give it nice features and a unique layout. I do it all from scratch too. No store bought computer programs that set up a webpage after answering a few questions and putting in some info. I know what I'm doing here. And also, I wanted people to realize that a native is doing this. That's right, a rez kid came up on this information superhighway. It's been 4-5 years in the making, but my time was well spent finely tuning what I know and expanding on that. I still am learning more things to do, so it'll be a long time before I see any end to what I'm doing.

"What are the tools you have to setup these online creations?"

Well, whatever is available online. The sites are usually built on Geocities, Angelfire, Go network, and now this one on Freeservers.com. Also, all the guestbooks, and counters are all from free things available from bravenet, and thecounter.com. I tried once on Fortunecity, but that took forever to even attempt. Not so much now though. I am planning another site up at Fortunecity, and I like them because you can link up images outside of there servers. Geocities, and basically every other free webhosting place doesn't allow that anymore. I now have access to a nice computer with a 56k modem, and it's A LOT easier to set up and maintain sites now.

"What's the biggest task you've been asked to do?"

Probably the things I've started myself. The native link's site was a chore to get up and going but has winded down since mid year of 2000. The native athlete site was also hectic to set up and keep updated, but since that site was up, another took place on the internet and has shown mine up. It's at: NdnSports.com and I wish them all the success because it IS a very good site. I like to bring info about natives out in the open for all to view. I used to (and still do) see these sites dealing with animal spirit guides, and sites dedicated to the 'idea' of native shamans and stuff. I don't view them as very helpful, but that's just me. I want to do something that creates interest in 'real' native issues. Nothing political though. I try to stay clear of that road.

"Why do you want to avoid political issues?"

I'm 22 and old enough to speak on them, but I feel I'm not as educated in certain areas as others are. Yeah, I have my opinions on some issues, but I'm not trying to share them just yet. I'll leave that to those who feel passionately about those topics. Those who dedicate a lot of their time researching and getting to know the different sides of those things. I am now voicing my opinion on different matters, and I'm under the impression that I do get my point accross at times.

"What else do you do, besides build and design sites?"

I'll go and chat every now and then. I used to write my own poetry and lyrics at different locations, but not so much anymore. All I really try to do is just try to have fun with my youthfulness. I'm also trying and get others online, so they can get hooked on this thing like me. I know there are a lot of natives online nowadays, but there are also a lot that haven't been online just yet. I've given some folks the bare basics of being online, like email, and even sites. Some haven't gotten all the way hooked, but that's alright. I'm still in my own li'l world of chaos here, but it's a fun chaos.

"What can we expect to see from ROWC in the future?"

I guess you'll find that out when that time comes. I still don't have any plans yet, but am anticipating what the future holds for ROWC and myself.

"A lot of people will be waiting to see what you have to bring to the table next time 'round."

I sure hope so.

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